Shaw Mark Rewards Rules and Regulations

Shaw Distributor Rewards Program Rules & Regulations

Program Dates: The Shaw Distributor Rewards Program is an ongoing program that will offer different promotions  All tracking must be submitted by March 31. 

Registration: Register for the Distributor Rewards program at The Internal Revenue Service requires Shaw to issue tax Form 1099 to each award recipient. You must now register using your Social Security number and Date of Birth. Federal Tax IDs will no longer be accepted. You will be responsible for paying taxes on this additional income. You must register for the Distributor Rewards program even if you were previously enrolled in any prior Shaw programs.  Once registered, you will receive an email from Award Headquarters with your new Member ID Code and password.

Eligibility:  Distributor Salespeople who are eligible to participate in this program will be selected and notified by local distributor management.  The Distributor Rewards Program is for Distributor Sales People of accounts in good standing. Participation by owners and managers and consolidation of points is strictly prohibited and grounds for termination from the program.  Employees of Shaw, Inc. (sponsor) its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, advertisers, promotions and fulfillment agencies and members of their immediate households are not eligible to participate in this program. Void where prohibited by law.

Member ID Code: Upon registration you will be given a new 5-digit Member ID Code and password. You will use this code and your password to login to for any future Distributor Rewards site visits. This code will be different from your Social Security number or Shaw account number.

Product Eligibility: Eligible products are listed in the website. Products may change due to various promotions. Promotional discounts such as Dealer Personal Use, Model Home Discounts, Dealer Showroom Floor or Samples do not apply for Distributor Rewards. Deeply discounted products do not apply. Roll orders over 600 yards do not qualify for the program.

Tracking: All Distributor Rewards sales will be sent to us on a weekly basis for your territory.  We will tally up your sales and award points accordingly once the approval process has been completed.  You may view the status of your sales on a regular basis online at  A Member ID and Password will be requested in order to log onto the system.. A complete list of qualifying styles for Distributor Rewards can be found online at  Please check the Distributor Rewards Style List for information on qualifying styles. The Target Group is not responsible for errors in the addition or deletion of styles. Discountable items do not qualify for the program.

Earning Points: All qualifying sales that are tracked will earn 15 points per yard. Points earned have no monetary value until such time as your Distributor Rewards Card is funded (see Card Issuance). Each point is valued at $0.01. 

All participants must earn a minimum of $100 before a card will be issued or funds will be loaded onto an existing debit card. The $100 minimum must be earned within a 1 year period from the participant’s initial registration date. The start date of the 1 year period is the registration date of the participant. This amount must be re-earned every anniversary year the participant is in the program. For example if a participant registered on June 1, 2018, they must earn $100 by June 31, 2019 before a card will be issued or funds will be loaded onto an existing debit card. If the $100 minimum is not reached by June 31, 2019 they will loose their previous 12 month earnings. Starting July 1 through June 31 the participant then has to begin to earn $100. Once the $100 minimum is reached, the participant will receive a monthly load for the invoices tracked.

Status: Account status is available online at  Account status will show Distributor Rewards programs' point totals. The Account Stats screen will show funds issued, funds redeemed and total funds remaining on the card.

Information Requests: Program information is available online at

Card Issuance: Your Distributor Rewards Card is a MasterCard® backed Stored Value Card and not a credit card. Your card will be issued on or around the first 10 business days of the following calendar month after you have tracked your invoices AND reached the minimum point balance stated. Cards will be funded and/or issued on or around the 10th business day of each month throughout the program period. Funds will not be issued for cancelled, returned or replacement orders. Once issued, your Distributor Rewards Card will be your Reward Card for all of the Distributor Rewards programs. Do not destroy or discard your card once you have spent your funds. Your card will be valid for 36 months from date of issue and will be reloaded with your earnings on a monthly basis throughout the program period.
Lost/Stolen Cards: Distributor Rewards Cards should be treated as cash and funds CANNOT be replaced if lost or stolen. Contact Award Headquarters IMMEDIATELY if your card cannot be found. There is a $9.95 card fee for the replacement of lost or stolen cards that will be deducted from the card balance at the time of re-issuance or the next funding period.

Card Redemption: The Distributor Rewards Card is backed by MasterCard® and accepted at over 28 million locations worldwide. At any time during the program, you may redeem the funds on your Distributor Rewards Card for merchandise, travel or services. When using your card, simply swipe and select "credit". The purchase total will be deducted from your card balance. Before using your card to make a purchase or payment, please check the balance at and click on the "Account Status" icon. Your transaction will not be approved unless you have sufficient funds available to cover the entire transaction amount. Cards may not be used at ATM machines, pay-at-the-pump gas pumps, for automatic draft services or for car rentals. Any credits for returns will be applied back to your card. Merchants are prohibited from giving cash back when using the card for any purchase. Card holders are responsible for any overdrafts resulting from the use of their card, along with any service fees that might be applicable. Additional details and restrictions regarding the Distributor Rewards Card can be found in the Account Holder Agreement included with your card. International Participation: Card funds will be issued in U.S. Dollars and currency conversions will be made at the time of purchase/payment transaction. A conversion fee of approximately 1% of the total purchase will be charged by the merchant and be debited to your account. Additional details and restrictions regarding the Distributor Rewards Card can be found in the Account Holder Agreement included with your card.

General Provisions: Shaw reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or remove any participant or account from the program at any time. Shaw also reserves the right to remove, withhold, or cancel funds on any participant’s card at any time throughout the course of the program. Program participants are responsible for payment of all taxes or other expenses associated with the merchandise or services provided through this incentive program not specifically described herein. By participating in the Distributor Rewards program, participants agree that Shaw, Shaw Industries, The Target Group, and any of their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, and promotion agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, damages, misrepresentations, or other claims of any kind caused directly or indirectly from any merchandise or services provided through this sales incentive program. Any deliberate attempt by a participant, or any other individual, to undermine the legitimate operation of the Distributor Rewards program, is a violation of criminal and civil laws. Should such an attempt be made, Shaw reserves the right to disqualify such individuals and seek damages and other remedies to the fullest extent permitted by law. Should Shaw suspect any fraudulent, illegal, or impermissible acts or misuse of the card or program participation in any way, the card may be suspended or cancelled. Shaw reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the program at anytime throughout the program.

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